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Christian Family Connect

Many years ago Christian families could connect with each other as neighbors. As society turned increasingly to the religion of secularism (the worship of man in general and self in particular), it became difficult to connect with neighbors. Now that society has become even more secular, it can be difficult to find sincere Christians even in many churches.
The purpose of this web site is to establish a means for Christian families to connect with each other. For security, communication will go through the site administrator. If families then wish to make direct connection with each other, that becomes their concern.
SD101 Tim -70

Judy - 64

Sam - 23

Anna - 20

We live on a small farm in rural South Dakota. Our children were homeschooled and now work in our family business. We have come to house church as well since our visits to other churches have not proved fruitful. We would like to connect with other families especially if they have children near the ages of ours.

For us, growing in the word is of primary importance.